3 years ago

German Shepherd Has Hilarious Reaction To Cheese Challenge

People across social media are taking part in the 'cheesed challenge' - a challenge where adults and older children tape themselves throwing cheese at their pets' faces. Challenges come and go, sometimes they are interesting, others are boring and dangerous, and some challenges are merely weird, just like this one.

This trending challenge is a little bit weird, and we have to say that people took it a little bit far. However, Meeko’s owner found out that every time she gets ‘cheesed’ she has an epic reaction to it, and we have to admit her responses are pretty funny! Take a look!

This is Meeko! Her reactions to the ‘cheese challenge’ have always been hilarious, and this attempt is no different! Watch as she goes into a funny freeze state with her newfound cheesy eye patch! She knows she wants the cheese, she’s just not sure how to get it off to eat it so just waits for her owner to take it off for her.

She indeed is different from other dogs out there who would gobble this delicious treat up in two seconds flat! Instead, Meeko is the type of puppy who will leave food and treats for days on end and only eat them when she feels like it!

Check out this hilarious video of a dog and her epic reaction to this silly challenge. Check out Meeko's reaction when a slice of cheese is placed on top of her head. What a priceless reaction! She just stood there wondering what the heck happened? Although, there are a lot of dogs on the Internet who love this challenge. They like being ‘cheesed.’

However, not all pets want to be part of this prank. Some animals did not like the challenge and did not like the idea of their best friends throwing a piece of cheese at their face. If you take a look at this link, you will see how this cat’s brain shuts down when owner tosses cheese at it, and you can see that he does not like it all.

This poor feline really goes all drama queen when its owner tosses a slice onto the top of its head. It lands like a perfect ring toss right between its ears. The shocked cat shakes to the left, shimmies to the right, but nothing dislodges the cheese! What do you think about this silly challenge? t!

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