Drone footage captures large earthly crater in Greece

Published March 29, 2019 4,389 Views

Rumble / World TravelThis imposing, secluded crater is awe-inspiring to the few visitors who have seen it. With a diameter of more than 200 meters and a depth of about 40, from the sky it is an incredible, eerie, extraterrestrial spectacle. It is located near the village of Vasiliki in Viotia, Greece and dominates a mountain, remote and inaccessible, as there is no road leading to it.

Scientists are divided when it comes to its origins. Others argue that this is a dolin (collapsed cave). Others are claiming it to be a meteor crater like those on the moon. The absolute silence that prevails inside the crater is broken only by the birds which find shelter in any vegetation that exists in the interior on the crater.

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