Australian Shepherd Preciously Watches Over Baby Ducks

5 years ago

Pistachio is pretty much best friends with the ducklings, they never have to worry about enemies with such a caring guardian around! Check out this dog lovingly embrace them. Cuteness overload!
Wild canines live in packs. Domesticated canines are pack animals which means they prefer to have the company of other animals or dogs. Canines are very social animals and they can be very kind to other animals or young children. A dog raised with a gentle hand will be kind to people and other animals.

This video is proof! Pistachio is Australian Shepherd, is about to grow up surrounded by baby ducks. He does not only have baby chicks to play with but also have other dogs and a variety of farm animals! What a thrilling life and a happy pack they going to have! Baby ducks and dogs, both delightfully playful and masterfully mischievous are just Intended to be great friends.
Baby ducks and Dogs are communal animals; chicks live in flocks while dogs live in packs.

Being the friendly pets that they are, canines and chooks thrive in groups whether their members sport fabulous feathers or fluffy fur. Canines and Chicks adore interrelating with their human families too!
So whereas summer holidays are in full bloom, head out to the lawn with a picnic box and enjoy a fun furry feathery afternoon together with your pet animal friends!

Appropriate treats for both pup and poultry required! Socializing with your chooks and canine companions is a big Fun! Have you ever notice why the creator created animals and in such diversity? When you visit a zoo, you see that there is an infinite diversity of animals. And then there is the perhaps unanswerable query of their eternal place. Clearly, God loves animals.

He filled the Garden of Eden with them. He preserved them during the flood and expressed concern about the cattle of Nineveh at the end of the Book of Jonah. He even makes the statement in our verse for nowadays that righteousness includes treating with animals well.

It is good to teach our children from animals. So animals have a prominent place in God's world and God's Word. It is no mishap and it must be the intention of the creator for us to learn from them.

Cecil Alexander’s beautiful quote about life, "All things are pretty and shining, all creatures are tinny and great.
All things are wise and wonderful, the Lord creator create them all."

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