Ski Run Interrupted By Moose

Published March 27, 2019 166 Views $11.45 earned

What is the craziest thing you have ever seen while hitting the trails of your favorite resort? Well, we have a feeling that Skier Cheri of Sweden just might have you beat. Cheri Luther and her friend Amy Loofa were making a run at Sweden’s Rome Alpine area when a galloping large moose joined them.

Cheri Luther was gaining speed during his downhill run when the wild animal suddenly emerged into his path, forcing him to crash onto the snow to dodge the unwelcome track intruder.
Good on Cheri Luther for having the awareness and reaction time to avoid t-boning a moose that could have been nasty for both parties.

The unlucky downhiller recorded the unusual incident with a helmet camera and posted it to their social media channels. With the title, "I almost got run over by a big moose while skiing, very close call." So far, it has been viewed more than 600,000 times.

Now that is the sort of avalanche no one would want to see following so close to them. We could not imagine handling that situation with the same grace and poise that Cheri and her friends most surely did.

Some quick moose safety tips for the ski runner from Wildlife officials:
Early fall is the breeding season for moose in Sweden. During this time moose are rambling looking for mates, leading them to the neighborhood where they are not usually seen.
While this improves the opportunities for people to enjoy the sighting of a moose, it also increases the danger of colliding with one on the roadway.
Moose are unpredictable. The moose you see standing calmly at the edge of the trail could bolt in front of your run at the last moment.

Stay at least 35 yards away from moose and other large wildlife. The best thing to do if you spot an animal like this is to stop moving and let the animal take the lead usually they will walk away from you.

If the moose appears to be combative, back away slowly. Moose is the predator and never turn your back to the animal of prey. Moose are generally peaceful but can turn aggressive when they feel threatened.

An adult moose can stand over 7 feet tall, weigh over 1,500lbs and have an antler span of 6 feet. A charging moose can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour as a result; their large body causes greater damage.

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