Teaching Children How to Form Writing Lines

Published March 26, 2019

Rumble Here are a few strategies that help children learn to form vertical and horizontal lines. But let’s start with scribbling….

Babies typically learn the joys of scribbling between 13 and 18 months of age. Provide lots of large paper, dry erase and chalk surfaces to scribble on, as well as sensory-based “scribbling” in pudding, whip cream, wet sand or shaving cream inside a zipped baggy.
The 18 to 24 months old toddler is typically ready to learn how to form lines with the pointer finger. Demonstrate drawing vertical and horizontals during messy play and using fun, easy to see and feel boundaries such as those shown in the video!
1. Mermaid pillows
2. Dry erase boards
3. Plastic, cardboard or carpet squares with window cut-outs
4. Bottles and other surfaces with grooves
5. Long thin boxes to draw on top of or inside

Try cutting strips of sandpaper or bubble wrap to draw on. Start out with large pieces and then narrower as the child develops motor control. These early “pre-writing” experiences prepare children to form the vertical and horizontal lines used to form letters and have fun doing so!

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