Nothing Can Keep These Pal's Apart

Published March 26, 2019 64 Views $3.84 earned

Rumble If you thought dogs and cats couldn't be friends, you need to change your mind and watch this fun and sincere friendship video. This dog and this cat can't be separated, so they do their best to be together. The crafty cat makes sure the puppy gets past where he is, so they can keep playing. Both are about the same age and are just as mischievous. Hilarious!

This tender puppy is punished and his owner won't let him into the house because he has done a lot of mischief in complicity with his friend the cat. The owners have decided to separate them for a while, so that there is a little peace in the house because these two pets together are a real earthquake. As if he were an inmate, this puppy has his food and water in the place his owners have placed outside the house, where they expect him to stay, until he retract for what he has done. But what they imagined, happened, the rebellious dog always defying the rules, manages to enter the house again and this is the fun part because its small size allows it to fulfill that goal. Very funny!

The mission nothing impossible begins when the puppy realizes that he can enter through one of the holes of the fence, which separates him from his friend the feline. The dog calls the cat Come, I have a plan! and the cat runs quickly to where the canine is, there both realize what they have to do for the dog to cross the fence that separates their friendship. The fat dog did not eat his food, because he knows that if he did it he would not easily through the narrow hole, Very astute! little by little he is putting half of his body, while the cat with his paws pushes him to enter faster. Both are anxious to start doing disasters again, they make it! the puppy has made it through the barrier. What he doesn't know is that his owner is watching him and is also recording the evidence, so we don't know if he'll bring him back to the yard, come on, don't be mean, let them play together!

Maybe they think they're brothers because they're the same size and they're both totally black, they get along really well and they love being together. This friendship is so beautiful that it had to be captured even in its most difficult moments. They couldn't stand to spend a night apart because they love to sleep together and pamper each other, something that's unusual for such different pets. In most cases pets like these are rivals, but this is a beautiful exception. You just have to let them be happy, they don't hurt anyone, just the sofa and the shoes...

Don't you think they are extremely adorable? These little unruly melt the heart to anyone. If you have been captivated by their beautiful friendship, which has been tested by this challenge created by its owner, don't hesitate to give it "I like it" and share it with your friends. Enjoy!

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