Super Guilty Pup Can't Hide His Shame

Published March 26, 2019 1,169 Plays $1.05 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesOh my! How cute is this! We all know it's never fun to have to get your dog in trouble. It kind of hurts to have to say "Bad boy." Then the way they look up at you, like they know they've disappointed you and are just pleading for your forgiveness. It's almost too much. Koda knows he has done something wrong!

The owner in this video keeps asking the dogs who tore the box into shreds on her bedroom floor. The dogs are surprisingly responsive, some wagging away, but Koda. He seems so guilty. He knows he did something wrong.

Animals are incredibly intuitive and the possibility for inter-species communication goes far beyond what is commonly acknowledged within our society. Any pet owner will tell you that they have conversations with their pets, some will say that their furry friend actually understands and interprets the tone and familiar words.

In this case, Koda is extremely receptive to the tone in his owners voice asking the question "Who did this!" and directing her energy back to the mess on the floor.

What I wonder is weather or not the animals who sulk in such a manner are actually THAT regretful of their actions, or are they pleasing their owners tone in their voice. I know when I have to discipline my white-goldn retriever puppy she sits up very straight with the silliest look begging for my forgiveness on her face. Almost as if "I'm soooo sorry I wasn't thinking Mommy." Koda probably was just missing his owner! Poor guy. At least he knows that discipline follows his naughty actions so he will hopefully not create such a mess for mommy to come home to next time!

Koda could be suffering from separation anxiety which could be causing him to lash out. Many animals do have a big problem with being left alone for more than a couple of hours, yet as humans we have so many commitments that it is hard to be by their side at all times. I wish more companies had dog-friendly establishments so that our furry friends could accompany us throughout the day. This would help so many animals not be so lonely throughout the long hours of the day that they are left alone, and offer owners relief of not worrying about their pets at home and offer elevated enjoyment throughout the day! Just an idea. Good boy Koda.


  • Giggle, 1 year ago

    The other dog's are like, "I'm not guilty for once! Yay!"

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  • geminijoyce, 1 year ago

    impossible to be angry!

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    • HeavyAJack, 1 year ago

      I couldn’t stay angry. 😭 We went for our evening walkies right after. 😂

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