Majestic Horses Can't Hold Back Excitement For Breakfast

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsA group of five sturdy horses wake up to the morning in style. We hear the rumble of the photographer’s vehicle, whether that is a tractor or an ATV, approaching the horses. They respond almost as one, trotting, and then jumping.

These are leaps of unbridled joy rather than apprehension. These are Friesdale horses at some unspecified farm. Time of year? Probably recent. The trees are barren of leaves, yet there is no snow on the ground, and the ground doesn’t appear frozen. A thin fog seems to be settled at the moment, but perhaps not for long.

“The world is waking up, and so should we,” the lead horse conveys its thoughts. “Let’s get on with it!”

Like a coach or drill sergeant calling his cadets to calisthenics, first one horse jumps, then the others follow suit. They weave back and forth. This routine has probably been playing out regularly, every day, for a long time. They know the people in the vehicle, and what they carry in the burlap bags. Oats treated in molasses; hay. Alfalfa. Welcome to breakfast on the ranch.

This is the moment you get to burn off the excess energy of the past evening. No need to save it just in case your care takers forget. They haven’t forgotten, and in minutes we’ll be replenishing our stores. This is the most delightful time of day, maybe even the whole year. It’s not too hot, not too cold. Quick energy from a sugar-rich food source keeps the fire burning inside.

The tractor and the lead horse close in on each other, but cautiously, methodically. Two black horses in the back can be seen almost dancing together. The air is thick, if not with fog, then with anticipation. Something is about to happen, and it’s happening to us. The whole world can watch. We are horses, hear us oh universe!

From the look of the ground in the well-worn corral the horses make good use of their space. And still, it is not a muddy mess. The white wood fences are pristine. The grass is uniformly trim. These animals are well taken care of, it is no wonder they look so happy.

They stop momentarily, as if someone must make a move. “Come on lady, let’s get this gig rolling!” they seem to say. The driver or passenger speaks to a partner, and they proceed. The horses do not retreat. It’s go time on the farm!


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    Очень красивые лошади

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