Sweet Kitty Consoles Crying Kid

Published March 25, 2019 81,586 Views $69.37 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensWow! What an incredible affectionate cat. His human companion is crying, and in an effort to sooth his screams and squeals, the kitty begins kissing and cuddling the boy. Not only is this adorable to watch, but speaks to the instinctually supportive nature of cats and other members of the animal kingdom.

My 16 year old cat got me through moments like this throughout my childhood and honestly even as an adult. Animals have an incredible ability to not only offer us support and love, but know exactly when we need it the most. If you've ever owned a cat, even a dog, you must be able to recall a moment such as this when your pet let you know "I'm there for you."

Cats are actually incredible anxiety soothers as the vibration of the purring sounds that they make, especially when laying on your stomach or back, close to you, are a healing vibration. The sound and feeling immediately sets the body at ease, encouraging you to breath deeper and slower, and bringing you into the moment heightening the senses through the experience of the cats affection. Just beautiful if you ask me.

Seeing this video, can you understand how cats in retirement homes or universities could be extremely beneficial? Just having them around is an enhancement and usually quite exciting! Cats have been more recently used for therapy as we come to understand and be open to the healing benefits of human-animal connections. This video is proof of their outstanding healing abilities if you ask me!

There is an important educational aspect of this video that is important to highlight. Some parents are hesitant to allow children around animals, cats have nails and sharp teeth, you never know how they are going to reach to your child's poking fingers. At the same time, allowing your child to experience this incredible connection has benefits that outweigh the slight risk. Unless outrageously triggered, a cat will remain calm. I hope throwing a cat down the stairs by their tail is an outdated activity for young boys and girls? I used to lecture my brother on that. Little rascal.

This boy has an incredible opportunity before him. Growing up alongside an animal gives one the opportunity to understand compassion on a much deeper level than otherwise opportune. Your cat may just become your son or daughters best friend, and whats wrong with that? The support they will receive as such in this video will impact his entire life moving forward, for the better.