Busting a Move with a Breathtaking Background

Published March 22, 2019 32 Views

Occurred on December 30, 2018 / Pakistan

Info from Licensor: "I was traveling in Pakistan and went to Hunza Valley in the winter. I went there with my two local friends from Hunza. They took me to Batura Lake because it was winter the lake was frozen and we were able to walk on it. The Batura Lake is a vibrant cyan blue color and you’re surrounded by the Passu Cones. I was taking photos and then noticed my two local friends were dancing to local music and I went over to film them dancing. Pakistanis love their music and can’t help but dance when they hear it. I’m trying my best to portray a positive image of Pakistan to the world and shared the video on my Instagram account to show this beautiful side of Pakistan and thought this video I took was perfect!"

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