Man Solves Five Rubik's Cubes Underwater In One Breath

Published March 22, 2019 122 Views $2.34 earned

Rumble / Unusual TalentsA person has puzzles, which the person may not perceive, in their regular daily schedule. Finishing a homework task or making sense of a timetable, are brisk instances of how baffles entwine in our everyday lives. We challenge our intellect through puzzles, and there are always alternate solutions to this problem.The Rubik's cube is a prime case of a mystery, which has tested the human personality and mind.

The Rubik's cube is so exciting to solve, and what makes it even more amazing is the fact that is a problem presented in a simple form with primary colors and even more basic moves. A lot of people have taken the test of restoring the Rubik's cube regular pattern, and have been disappointed because of putting in a long time wandering, leaving the shape still unsolved.

However, there are people who can solve the Rubik’s cube without any problem, and in every situation possible. And also some people solve five cubes at the same time. What exactly are we talking about? Take a look at this incredible man who solves not one, but five Rubik’s cube underwater in just one breath.

This impressive and mesmerizing to watch. Nick is trying to break the world record for the number of solved Rubik's cubes underwater. Will he do it? You'll have to watch and find out! This is a dangerous attempt on the current unofficial record in solving Rubik's cubes underwater. The Guinness World record is 5 cubes, but the unofficial record is 8. Nick is trying to catch and break that record! Will he make it?

You have to admit this is pretty impressive. It takes a lot of determination, courage, and commitment to do something in life, and we are sure that it is worth it. The Rubik’s Cube had created a competition to see who could solve it the quickest making people seek for different ways, and it also started a new hobby that led to tournaments around the world with people who try and battle for world record times for averages and singles of events.

How many times have you pick up a cube and said ‘darn it, I wish I could complete the hold thing and not just on the side or finish without sticker peeling?’ We know we have said that every time that we try to act smart pants and try and solve the Rubik’s cube. How many of you can solve it? Tell us below in our comment section.

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