Guilty Dog Hilariously Hides After Being Called Out For Eating Flip-Flop

Published March 22, 2019 971 Views $3.83 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs are curious animals. They can be amazed by anything whether it be a ball or a shoe. Talking about shoes, dogs love them. For some reasons, dogs have this habit of stealing and hiding shoes and other footwear. In some cases, instead of stealing, dogs just upright destroy them either by endlessly chewing them with teeth until they leave their tooth marks on it or just simply tear them apart by using the force of their jaws and legs.

According to research, puppies chew shoes to alleviate the pain of cutting adult teeth. While some just chew shoes out of boredom and in some case because of anxiety. The final reason is the smell which is left by the human legs left in the shoes, which makes the dog curious and gets their attention.

This video features a young pup who hilariously admits her crime of chewing the flipflops of the owner. The reason for her actions might be the alleviating pain of cutting adult teeth but her funny confession and the guilty hide seems it was all worth it.

The video filmed on January 25, 2019, in Vilhena, Rondônia, Brazil shows a guilty dog who hilariously hides after being called out for chewing the owner's flip-flops.

The video starts off with the filmer entering the room while two dogs are sitting on the couch watching tv. Then the filmer asks her mother if she knew that someone ate her flip-flops. To this, her mother responds with "Who said that?" The filmer tells her mother that she found today that her flip-flop all chewed up. Filmers mother responds with surprised a tone while asking is it real?

The filmer then raises her a voice a little bit and aks "I want to know who ate my flip-flop" as they were new pair. Then filmer asks both her dogs, Mel and Nevinha by calling out their names. Filmer's dad present in the room sitting beside the dogs also asks who did it with a smile. After hearing her name, guilty Nevinha raises her head and slow crosses over filmer's father's laps and swiftly walks towards filmer's mother. Then proceeds to hide behind filmer's mother's back while poking out her nose through the gap of filmer's mother's neck. During the whole time of interrogation, Mel doesn't move at all and maintains her clean conscience.

Mel and Nevinha are a pair of mother and daughter. The reason why Nevinha went straight towards the filmer's mother because she took care of Nevinha since her birth.