The Truth Behind The Claims That Apple AirPods Cause Cancer

Published March 21, 2019 1,412 Plays $1.28 earned

Rumble If you have been surfing on the internet lately, you might've heard that you should be concerned about how Bluetooth headphones, such as Apple's AirPods, are influencing your risk of catching cancer. There has been growing concern that wireless devices can cause cancer. A recent study showed that some scientists are concern that some wireless devices and the health implications about them are dangerous.

People even started signing petitions to the United Nations and the World Health Organization which warn about numerous devices that emit radiofrequency radiation which is used in Wifi, cellular data, and Bluetooth. So, there are a lot of people who are worried that Apple AirPods can cause cancer. Is that true, do we have any proof of that or it’s just another myth?

Does Apple AirPods cause cancer? Business Insider reports that Apple's AirPods and other wireless headphones emit small amounts of radio frequency radiation. Cell phones also emit radiation. Radiation from cell phones is far higher than what Bluetooth devices emit. According to new studies that radiation isn't leading to more cancer.

AirPods, all in all, is a massive reason for worry since they are inserted inside one's ear channel when being used, legitimately uncovering the internal ear to EMF radiation. The nearness to the mind of their common position is likewise disturbing to numerous researchers.

Studies suggest consumers should worry about jamming something noisy into their ear canal every day, rather than the radiation devices emit. Wireless earbuds and earphones like the AirPods are helpful and neat; however, every one of these warnings does bode well.

Also, since AirPods and different remote earbuds and earphones are totally futile when not stuck in your ear channel or over your head, on the off chance that you're stressed over their wellbeing dangers, at that point you should need to stay with customary wired earphones snared using a connector or a dongle.

In case you're worried about the long haul impacts of closeness EMF radiation, staying with the wire is the best approach for broadened listening sessions. Pound for pound, wired earphones sound a mess better, as well.

Are you a user of Apple AirPods? If you are, you have nothing to worry about. The headphones do not cause cancer, and you should not believe everything you read on the Internet. However, we want to know people’s opinion on this subject? What do you think? Can wireless devices can cancer or not?