Golden Retriever Hilariously Looks Down At Camera

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHis face is priceless! Golden retrievers have to be one of the sweetest breeds of dogs. Plus, their cuddle face is almost too much. It is too funny how their floppy cheeks and ears hang down to morph their good looks. Comical really.

There's a lot to be said about owning a golden retriever; there's also a reason they are one of the most popular dogs to breed! In fact, I own a rescued golden! They are a status symbol in Egypt and unfortunately there are a mass amount of abuse cases that rescues are trying to combat, but let's keep this as happy as the golden in the video! No bad vibes here!

Number one, you'd be hard pressed to find an aggressive golden. They are, by nature, the sweetest of souls. A heart of gold if you will. A golden, in fact, has a incredibly high tolerance for pain which makes them incredible dogs to aid in rescues and the police force. They are easily trained, in most cases. Golden are also a very common dog to see working as a service or guide dog. Just incredible if you ask me. A load of responsibility that I believe they honour and don't take lightly. Many dogs are intuitive enough to understand their roll in this world.

Golden's also have an incredible talent for swimming! They are natural water lovers and once they are in, you'll maybe find it a challenge to get them out. They also love mud, so watch out! Your golden may be brown before you know it! Golden retrievers in fact have two layers of fur that make them perfectly equipped for water activities. The first layer is for warmth, and the second layer is in fact waterproof!

They definitely show no hesitation for exploration and full enjoyment of life.

Unfortunately, many golden retrievers have become victim to cancer. Their life span is approximately 10 years long, yet up to 60% of this dogs will get cancer in their lifetime.

If you've seen the movie Air Bud, a golden has probably already played a part in melting your heart. Their smiles are contagious! Their actions so goofy and sweet. Don't you just love them?

Being one of the most popular breeds to own, I think a lot of us do indeed! They make an extremely special and compatible companion. The best part, the retriever in them will institutionally tell them to grab the closest item when you first get home after work. It's like they are bringing you a gift every single day! How sweet!


  • DavidMcNab, 30 weeks ago

    What a beauty!

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    The cutest! I love how floppy his sweet face is!

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