Cheese Slice Sends Pup Into Hilarious Freeze State

Published March 20, 2019 3,241 Plays $15.05 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesEvery time we open our social media platforms, there is some challenge going on. Challenges come and go, one day they are fun and harmless, and the other day there is a dance challenge and next thing you know they are a challenge where people throw cheese slices at their babies. Have you seen that one? It is going viral fast, and a lot of people are obsessed with the challenge. What do you think of that?

People across social media are taking part in the 'cheesed challenge' - a challenge where adults and older children tape themselves throwing cheese at their babies' faces. It took off on Thursday after a Twitter user shared a video of a clueless tot being hit with a sticky cut cheese.

Individuals posted recordings of their little ones succumbing to the impossible to miss the trick. Some of the babies cried while others giggled yet most appeared to be stunned by the event. Some people thought that it’s disrespectful to throw cheese at their kids, so they decided to throw it at their pets. However, people got so obsessed with the challenge that they started doing it on dogs too.

Check out this hilarious video of a dog and his epic reaction to this silly challenge. Check out Meeko's response when a slice of cheese is placed on top of her head. What a priceless reaction! He just stood there wondering what the heck happened? Although, there are a lot of dogs on the Internet who love this challenge. They like being ‘cheesed.’

There are a lot of opinions on the Internet about this challenge. Some people think that it is bizarre and really not good for the kids and pets, and others are outstanding with it and think that the challenge is not dangerous and that it’s hilarious. What do you think about this challenge?

Some people have even taken it to greater lengths, throwing entire cheeseburgers at people. The challenge is getting out of control a little bit, as it grows really fast and people started throwing cheese at everything and everyone.

The person who first created this challenge soon deleted the Twitter post after seeing that a simple video he filmed went viral with over 10 million views and that the challenge has got out of control.

Tell us what do you think about this silly cheese challenge down in our comment section!


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