Rough Seas In Malta Send Fish All Over The Road

Published March 19, 2019 898 Plays $6.05 earned

Rumble / Natural PhenomenaThe sky is one of those things that never fails to render us speechless. There is something so beautiful in the fleeting masterpieces painted on the sky’s blue canvas, we are left awe-struck. The oeuvres d’art come in different colors, from the most faint whites to the boldest reds, and it’s the most beautiful sight we’ve ever seen.

The only ones responsible for this beauty are the clouds, the sun and the wind. After all, the sky is nothing but empty space in which the water condensation molds in whichever form it desires and creates different clouds. Their shape can vary and can mean many different things, they might hold large quantities of water, they might be high or low in the atmosphere and they might even be just the beginning of the harshest storms we’ve ever seen. Either way, clouds are quite the model.

The wind can act an important role as well. It can stretch the water vapor into thin stripes across the sky, or it can make candy floss appear on the horizon. It can make them appear out of nowhere and make them vanish into thin air in the blink of an eye.

A touch of some heavy rain along with some heavy winds it has come to a scenery which look very paranormal in this town of Malta. Weather of this strength usually catches us as a surprise, but then again we can always take shelter, whether in our car or a close by building. In many cases people can relate to these fish as we have heard lots of stories on the news of terrible storms that have ruined entire cities.

Now imagine being a little fish, swimming around in the ocean also known as their home and all of a sudden this tsunami like wave takes you all the way into human territory and just leaves you dry out on the freeway. If you ask us we find this very sad for these little guys but then again fisherman would disagree. This is literally the case of food coming home to be eaten, fresh one too by the way.

Anyhow, this guy was on the ready with his camera as they drove on the free way and acknowledged this scene. It is very clear as to what happened but also very unusual. It is as if all of this fish were at the same spot as the big wave had caught them and led them onto dry land. Pretty weird if you ask us.

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