Puppy goes crazy over ice breaking at edge of pond

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesRiver is a playful puppy with a curiosity that knows no limits. She is fascinated with snow, ice, sticks, squirrels, and all of the things that most puppies are. But with River, everything is a new adventure, including the simple things. People who spend any amount of time with her will say that she seems to believe that she is a child, instead of a dog.

This was the case when River discovered the sheets of ice around the edge of a pond near her home. While out for a walk with River and Briva, the family Great Dane, River showed a strong desire to walk on the ice. There was an air space beneath and River broke through the ice. She was immediately excited by the sound and the feel of the ice cracking. She walked on more with the same result. Then she began pouncing and scratching at the ice, intentionally trying to break through. It didn’t even matter that her paws ended up in the water beneath the ice. She was thrilled with her her new game.

River also discovered that there were interesting smells under the ice. She stuck her nose in the crevices and wagged her tail excitedly. She might have been smelling muskrats or mice and she couldn’t get enough of the scents.

Watching River enjoy her life is a beautiful sight for many reasons. River was brought to an emergency veterinary clinic two days before Christmas. Suffering from extremely complex health issues, the cost and the difficulty with providing her with ongoing care and testing, left her family with no choice but to have her euthanized. They loved her dearly and the decision was incredibly difficult for them. One of the veterinary assistants, Serena, heard them describe what a loving soul she was and she came up with a plan to giver her a second chance. Serena was skilled at animal care and her mother is also a veterinarian. She suggested that they could give River the care that was needed to provide her with a chance at successful treatment. Literally moments from taking her last breath, River was given a second life. She’s now living that life to the fullest. River will possibly undergo a very complex heart surgery in the coming months, if she responds to her medication and treatment. River’s first family are always happy to see the pictures and the videos that show her doing so well.


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    Poor girl looking for a fresh drink of water

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