Paris Hilton Celebrates Her Birthday With Her Former Assistant, Kim Kardashian West

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Rumble The world is not perfect. It sometimes even feels like the bad outweighs the good, but a single act of kindness can brighten our whole day. Just seeing that there is good in others is enough to have our faith in humanity restored.

We often hear about celebrities and the way they part with their money like it’s no big deal. We hear they bought a new car, a new house, a new island. From time to time we even hear that they donated something for a cause close to their hearts, and it makes everything right in the world.

Life in the spotlight doesn’t come without a price. We often see only the glamorous side of it, the red carpets, the traveling, the sparkly gowns and immaculate tuxedos. From afar, we appear to be spectators of yet another soap opera, but there are a lot of things hiding behind the fake smiles for the paparazzi.

It is really hard to stage a good surprise in the age of Internet. You see a lot of good examples and it seems as though all of the good ones are taken and whatever you do, it just won’t be as spectacular as you would like. But if there is one thing to remember, it’s that the surprise in itself isn’t as half as important as the people with the intent to surprise you in the first place. Now we don't really know what happens behind the scenes or whether their was a surprise birthday party, however we are glad to see these two rejoice.

Before she was a reality star and mogul, Kim Kardashian West was Paris Hilton's friend and assistant. The pair recently reunited to celebrate Hilton's 38th birthday -- albeit almost a month later. Hilton posted a video this weekend on her official Instagram account of her and Kardashian West. Friendships come and go and it's not unusual, especially in the world of celebrities, however it is always nice to even remember a friend from your past that for some reason you have lost touch with and rejoice. Here we have one of those examples. Take a look!

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