Music-Loving Dog "Plays" The Guitar For Treats

Published March 18, 2019 9,572 Views $1.75 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHaving a dog as a pet can be a wonderful thing, but oftentimes people get them for very specific reasons. There are people out there, both young and adult, who would benefit from the companionship and agility of a well trained service dog. Veterans need them for comfort, children need them for help.

So many organizations have been founded around the world in order to raise and train such animals, one of which being 4 Paws for Ability. Their latest trainee is this ball of golden yarn here, who is supposed to give an vocal alarm for his owner whenever necessary. It seems, however, that the fluffy guy has much to learn still.

And, to finish up, here are the wise words of Napoleon Bonaparte: “If you do not like dogs, you do not like loyalty; you do not love those who are faithful to you, therefore, you can not be faithful.”

We're guessing that this is a Halloween costume and this little Hombre is looking for a crowd of fans. We can't tell much about his playing skills, he is still working out how to actually hold the guitar but we are sure that he will live up to his professional look.

With a little encouragement from his owner he is able to walk the walk, sure he does stumble a few times, but hey, what musician doesn't drink. He however is very dedicated on learning the skills of walking and he is bound to convince the audience that he will be doing the moon walk sooner or later.

We aren't certain of his goals, however we do hope to see him on the big stages as soon as he sobers up. Might be looking into a few months of rehab but we do not have any doubts that he will pull through and come out on top as a champion.

His fluffiness is just at the right thickness, his ears are pointing at the perfect angle and the shine in his eyes to become a popular soloist is as bright as the sun. Again, this might be from chugging back on "grandpa's old medicine". Ether way this dude is hilarious! Must watch!

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