Clydesdales take family on unforgettable sleigh ride through the woods

Published March 15, 2019 3,536 Views $0.14 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsClydesdale horses are one of the most beautiful and most recognizable of all the horses. Majestic and powerful, they are massive animals, capable of amazing feats of strength. Whether they are grazing peacefully in a meadow or working on a farm, they are a sight to behold. These two Clydesdales, Bubba and Jasper, are sleigh horses and they provide beautiful scenic sleigh rides on a large estate in Ontario, named The Briars.

Guests come to this location for special occasions and weekend retreats, taking in the scenery and exploring the woods and meadows that make up the property. This family has come here to celebrate the 80th birthday of their mother, Doreen. She's a great fan of nature and outdoor activities and a sleigh ride and a hike in the woods seemed like the perfect way to mark the occasion. Imagine being in shape for a lengthy hike through the woods in the snow on your 80th birthday!

The sleigh ride was definitely the highlight of the weekend as the two horses pulled the sleigh along a trail that stretched out for almost a mile and a half. The birds in the tress and the occasional ring of the horse's bells were the only sounds as guests watched the scenery in quiet wonder.

These horses were originally used as work horses in Clydesdale County in Scotland. They were brought to Canada by Scottish settlers in the 1800s. They were bred in Canada and the United States and were then shipped all over the world. Despite their great size and strength, they are one of the most gentle of the horse breeds. Due to the increased use of machinery in farming, their use has declined, as has their numbers. By the 1970s, the breed was considered vulnerable and in danger of going extinct. Since that time, efforts have been made to restore their numbers.