Joyful Horse Smiles While Getting Scratches From Her Human

Published March 15, 2019 3,279 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsSome kids have dogs, and others have hamsters. Whatever the species of pet, they are kids’ best friends, someone to confide in and keep them company. They stay with them for as long as they live, but things happen in life that sometimes cut that time way shorter.

Kids usually find friendship and companionship in animals. Some kids have cats, and some people have dogs. They want someone to confide in and keep them company. This woman has a horse for a best friend, and by the looks on the video, they have such a great time together. She loves to give her horse belly rubs, and the horse absolutely adores those rubs.

Check out this video and you can see almost a big smile on the face of the horse. She is really enjoying the time spent with her human, and she really likes how her best friend is treating her. So amazing. You can clearly see that this horse is literally smiling during this scratching session! So cool!

This horse loved his back scratch session so much that he couldn’t help but bare his pearly whites for the world to notice! What a fun and cute video this is, horses are such majestic animals, and they know how to enjoy life and how to spend quality time with their buddies! So incredible!

Horses are such incredible creatures and beautiful companions. There really is no bond quite like the one between a person and their horse. There have been stories about horses for centuries. People worshiped them for hundreds of years, and they will be hundreds more. They are beautiful to look at and even more amazing to spend time with them.

Did you know, that horses have different expressions on their faces to express their moods just like humans have? Just like this horse on the video, you can clearly see the smile on the face, and you can see her happiness and love for her human on her face.

Horses are very emotional animals, and they love to show off their emotions especially when they fell happiness. They love to show their feelings just like humans do. Humans may have changed the way horses express emotions as they domesticated them through the years, but they are still very emotional, very unusual and cool animals that every person would be lucky to have them as their best friends. Would you like to have a horse as a best friend?