Another Big Snowfall Frustrates Man

Published March 15, 2019 12 Views

Rumble The winter of 2018/2019 will definitely be remembered by those folks living in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. Initially it was the record stretch of could temperatures they were prevalent in late December and early January. The oddity associated with this pattern, however, was the amount of snow that was accompanying the cold snap. Sault Ste Marie is located right at the intersecting point where the mighty Lake Superior flows into Lake Huron. A lot of the weather patterns are directly associated to this "lake effect" that is generated by the big lake. On entirely too many occasions this winter this community has been impacted . by significant overnight snowfalls. Compounded by too many vehicles in this particular driveway this continual snow removal chore has become very tiresome. The first couple of big snowfalls every year is initially a kind of a source of entertainment, however as more and more such events take place the novelty quickly wanes. The impactful snowfall we see here has occurred this winter 5 or 6 times and closures of schools, businesses, transit along with a couple of building collapses has made things interesting. Looking at this situation, the vehicles in the driveway could feasibly be shovelled off instead of swept off. The snow blower has to be strategically stored at the front of the garage and always be topped up on fuel. If the over worked plow operator has passed by your driveway during the night there will be no vehicles departing until access to the roadway has been cleared. The difficulty right now is that the snowbanks have gotten so high that it is often difficult to blow the snow over the top. Some of the roads are virtually down to one lane. The end is in sight. Yesterday the forecast was for temperatures of 6 degrees and potential for heavy rain. This did occur and the result was messy, messy roadways. Today we are back to normal, with more blowing snow in the forecast. The good news is that the lawn mower may not have to be fired up until some time in June.