Golden Retriever Plays 'Danny Boy' On Bells For St. Patrick's Day

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSt. Patrick was a few days ago, so we decided to talk about it a little bit for those who are not informed. Ligeann deoch! Go ahead and learn this fraze which means let’s drink in Irish, we think you may need it. St Patrick's Day is celebrated annually on March 17 in honor of the patron saint of Ireland.

Symbolized around the world by shamrocks, pints and bright-green parades, contemporary St. Patrick’s Day celebrations often hide the mysteries and meaning behind the ancient figure. Some celebrate it by drinking green beer and going out in the pubs, and some like to dress up!

This amazing and talented Golden Retriever knows how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Kaylee plays 'Danny Boy' on the bells. Definitely not edited in any way, she's just a very talented girl! This girl knows how to party and knows how to throw a good party.

Do you know the song ’Danny Boy’? Let us teach you some words from it so you will know it in the future, it goes something like this: “Oh Danny boy the pipes the pipes are calling, From glen to glen and down the mountainside, The summer's gone and all the flowers dying, 'Tis you 'this you must go and I must bide.”

"Danny Boy" is a ballad set to an ancient Irish melody. English songwriter Frederic Weatherly wrote the lyrics, which are usually set to the Irish tune of the "Londonderry Air." The song was written in a small town called 'Limavady. It is most closely associated with Irish communities.

We hope that you have learned the song and you can now enjoy the video and sing to the melody and enjoy together with this sweet girl. Hope you will have a lot of fun because we did!

However, dogs are not the only ones who celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Cats are party animals too! This cat goes catnip bender to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!

While we humans like to indulge ourselves in some good old fashioned ale, cats want to celebrate the holiday with something else that comes in the color green - catnip! Butters the cat demonstrates just how relaxed he gets when he gets his daily dose of cats’ favorite opiate.

Of course, no St. Paddy’s Day would be complete without some gold coins and shamrocks all around. Butters doesn’t care about the decorations; he only cares about the dough. So cute!