High-Energy Frenchie Can't Stop Chasing Broom

5 years ago

Here we have a little cute pooch that goes nuts over sweeping time. If you love dogs and you are up for a good laugh, you will like this video! It shows a funny dog as she attacks a broom and it is absolutely hilarious! You have to check it out!

As the clip begins, you can see a woman who is really struggling to sweep the kitchen floor because her funny canine companion keeps attacking the broom she is using! How funny is that?

As far as this hilarious dog is concerned, the broom his owner is using to sweep the kitchen floor is his arch nemesis! LOL! This adorable dog really does not know how to distinguish between a real enemy and a simple broom!

It does not matter how many times his owner asks him to let go of the broom, he is not giving up! He keeps biting the broom and pulling it to himself. Maybe he thinks that his owner is in danger? I am not sure, but this battle is totally priceless!

The level of insanity she reaches is ether way hilarious. This dog is probably the most enthusiastic about eating like no other dog out there. This pooch gets extremely excited when it is "that" time.
This is one adorable and cute dog, that is for sure.

What could a broom represent to your dog? Housework? Maybe not, but an enemy perhaps. Your dog could pick up on the plan that a broom is not a friend of yours if you dislike housework.
The broom could trigger your dog's prey drive or if your dog is still playful and young the broom may represent the start of a match.

Perhaps you swept closely to your new pup. She thought, this is fun and so began the match of "let us chase the broom." Brooms are swishy and sweep across the kitchen floor in front of your pooch representing different things in his mind’s eye.

She may see a spiky villain that is going to strike you.He may be reminded of a bad encounter as a pup or she may just be strange because she never saw a broom before.
If your dog’s response to the broom is aggressive then some de-sensitizing exercises will be helpful.

If your dog’s reaction is one of playfulness, that you encouraged, then it will be a challenge to deter Fido’s enthusiasm to the "hunt the broom" match.

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