Night Time Wolves followed by Spooky Eyes at Video End

Published March 14, 2019 20 Views

Rumble It is a very challenging and rare event when one is able to capture any video of wild timber wolves moving about in their natural environment. This capture occurred near Diamond Lake, east of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. An area that has a healthy population of deer usually has a healthy population of timber wolves and this area has just that. Trying to get a picture or a video of them is a true challenge as they are mostly nocturnal and are always on the hunt for their next bloody feast of venison. Very territorial, a wolf pack establishes their private hunting grounds and will ferociously defend their turf should any other pack trespass. The pack that hunts this particular area comprises of just five animals, a very large and lean Alpha male, an Alpha female and just three of their offspring. A typical travel corridor for all wolf packs are the frozen waterways at this point of time and where there is very little snow accumulation which makes travel very easy. Any body of water that may have beaver houses on it is a virtual magnet for these stealthy carnivores. It seems that they can just not resist sniffing around the beaver houses, tantalized over the beaver smell emanating from active beaver houses. The beaver are safely tucked away for the winter but the wolves heavily prey upon them during the spring, summer and fall. A trail camera is set up at the base of a small pine tree situated on the point of an island that has a beaver house on either side of it. In their travels, if the pack is on this ice surface, chances are they will pass by this point. Oddly enough, wolves tend to spook away badly from the camera flash, but in this instance these two young pups do not seem to be bothered by it. If you watch the video to it's conclusion you will see at least one more wolf, possibly two, moving left to right and staying well back from the camera flash. Highly likely that the spooky pair of eyes that we see are those of the two Alpha leaders of the pack who are much more cautious. A real and rare treat, a glimpse at a wild pack of wolves.

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