Justin Bieber Gets Hailey To Kiss Him After Scaring The Daylights Out Of Her During Prank!

Published March 14, 2019 487 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment LifeThe world is not perfect. It sometimes even feels like the bad outweighs the good, but a single act of kindness can brighten our whole day. Just seeing that there is good in others is enough to have our faith in humanity restored.

We often hear about celebrities and the way they part with their money like it’s no big deal. We hear they bought a new car, a new house, a new island. From time to time we even hear that they donated something for a cause close to their hearts, and it makes everything right in the world. What’s even better than that is seeing what kind of a result their donation had.

Life in the spotlight doesn’t come without a price. We often see only the glamorous side of it, the red carpets, the traveling, the sparkly gowns and immaculate tuxedos. From afar, we appear to be spectators of yet another soap opera, but there are a lot of things hiding behind the fake smiles for the paparazzi.

Not everyone can cope with the pressure of fame. It comes with money, but it also amasses an awful lot of responsibilities, something not many are ready to tackle on. You have to think about where to keep the wealth, who to entrust with it, what to spend it on, taxes, private properties, vehicles, vacations, outfits, outings… It’s just too much. It often leads to celebrities trying to run as far away from it, ending up in the arms of the only trusted friend they can find - vices. Many of them start using drugs, or take an occasional one drink too many, they might even start gambling and eventually they will start to lose their money down the drain leading to living a penniless life in their last days.

We don't know how a prank will work out for you taking into consideration that you are probably not famous, but we suggest that you dont scare the life out of your girlfriend so that you don't end up "forever alone". Buy hey, what do we know? It worked for Justin.

Justin Bieber posts some interesting Instagram Stories of him and his wife Hailey and let’s just say this isn’t the most uncomfortable one. PLUS…Cardi B clapped back at fans who think she’s pregnant in well…the most Cardi way. We’re talking the latest with your favorites right now so stay right where you’re at.