What Created these Beautiful Tracks in the Snow, PART 2

Published March 14, 2019 13 Views

Rumble In early January of 2019 a discovery of some beautiful feather tracks in the snow was discovered by a man and his dogs on a brisk winter wonderland walkabout. The location of the tracks was near Diamond Lake, east of sault Ste Marie, Ontario. Walking on his own snowshoe trail, the specific location was where the snowshoe trail exited from the mixed coniferous and deciduous forest and went out onto a small pond, close to a beaver dam. The natural tendency of the various animals at this location is to follow established pathways so as to avoid the deep snow and the resultant expenditure of precious energy. At this location a trail camera was set up as the location was proven to be a successful spot to capture the natural wanderings of wolves, coyotes, fox and deer. The discovery of the birds tracks in the snow was not an anticipated result, it was merely a nice surprise. Due to previous sightings near this location the thought was that the tracks were probably made by birds of prey as a large number of bald eagles had been seen in the area. Fortunately the birds that landed here, virtually flew directly in towards the camera that was affixed to the base of a hemlock tree situated beside an old beaver house. The SD card was retrieved from the camera and transported home and to a computer. What was revealed had not been anticipated. The tracks were made by a small group of turkeys which were somewhat uncommon to this area and a very nice surprise. The coniferous trees nearby provided an excellent roosting area for this small group of turkeys and then when night gradually turned to daybreak, out of the roosts the turkeys came, gliding gracefully down into a soft landing zone, which coincidentally was right where the camera was located. Mystery solved, Mother nature's artwork much appreciated.

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