Goofy dog walks around with box on head

Published March 13, 2019 7,833 Views $10.93 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesLabradoodles are obviously part retriever and this lab obviously has some of those retrieving genes working. These sibling miniature labradoodles live in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada and although they are very similar in color they do have very different personalities and traits. The old, retro image we have from the past of a faithful dog bringing the newspaper to his owner seems to be clearly embedded in Jaxx's personality. He does have a fetish for anything to do with paper and curiously he has to demonstrate this virtually every morning of his existence.

He will search about the house until he finds any type of paper product and then proudly strut about the house showing off his clever behavior. How this ever came to be is an absolute mystery ? He will pick up Kleenex (used or not, it is of no concern), paper receipts, magazines, photocopy paper, actual newspapers and in this instance some type of empty box. Rarely does he chew them to pieces, rather he is very content to to simply strut his stuff. His sibling sister, Dia, does not seem to see any sensibility in his activities, she is an absolute ball-driven retriever. On this particular morning Jaxx showed up from the basement with this small box clamped in his mouth. From all appearances the positioning of the box seemed to greatly inhibit his line of sight but after some observation it was perhaps not the case.

The top of the box was definitely over the top of his eyes and the sides of the box also seemed to extend well outside of the sides of his head. With his eyes positioned to the sides of his head I guess that his peripheral vision was being used at maximum capacity. Just when it seemed he might bump into something he easily avoided any obstructions. Morning entertainment with coffee and great companionship, in our household it would be hard to imagine living in a home without a dog or two.

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