Preventing Scam Phone Calls During Tax Season

Published March 13, 2019 903 Plays

Rumble We would like to start off this video with a disclaimer that this is not a tutorial. The main purpose of this video is to answer all of those 4am questions you have when you’re lacking sleep. Yes, it can be done. No, don’t do it.

Human greed has driven men to do whatever it takes to obtain vast amounts of money since the beginning of time. The urge to have more and always more has been the fall of many a man and has even spurred an incredible amount of wars. Unfortunately, the arrival of the 21st century hasn’t changed this one bit.

The urge to have an infinite amount of dollars at your disposal is growing stronger by the second, but luckily, there are societal rules and regulations that intend to fight this plague every step of the way. It’s no easy feet laundering money nowadays. You can’t just acquire a certain amount of money and go to sleep with it underneath your pillow. You have to find a way to keep it safe without the IRS haunting your every step.

Over the time, people have developed two different ways of hiding their cash from authorities, and as always it’s either simple or very complex. Whether you’re a corrupt politician or a drug lord, or even a nobody with sticky hands, you always have to find other people to help you launder your money. The important thing is to remember that huge amounts of money ring all sorts of bells. You can either do this by going on the simple route with a slow but steady trickle of money from a small and unassuming company, or you can pull out the big guns with the complex method of putting your money in a bank, a small amount a time, also known as smurfing. Whichever way you make it, you can never be too careful.

Every year it is all of our duties to due our taxes. Now having know this, there are people out there that take this time of the year as an advantage due to the amount of people that maybe don't like doing their taxes or just don't know. In this video, these two ladies discuss the issue and importance of the threat that lurks through the world. They get into the topic of tax scammers that make phone calls presenting themselves as legitimate, but are not. Take a look at the video as we found it very informative!