12 weird discoveries in ancient paintings you won't believe

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Rumble / Weird MysteriesUFOs and aliens in ancient cave drawings and centuries old paintings? Here is top 12 paintings and cave paintings that show aliens and UFOs (flying saucers).

In this video there are twelve most exclusive, mysterious, and popular paintings to cave drawings manually selected to offer the viewer variation. This video includes drawings from all over the world.

This video remains unbiased throughout this entire video and shines light on the claims made by UFO researchers on art and other drawings.

In addition to the claims of ufologists, the claims made by skeptics will get also a fair chance by quoting their research.

Neither party is taken advantage in this video in order to allow the viewer to see for themselves what the logic behind the madness is and let the viewers determine for themselves what the truth is.

Does we believe in extraterrestrial intelligent life and UFOs? Yes, We believe in extraterrestrial intelligent life and UFOs despite it has never been proven.

We are convinced by the wisdom of the Sumerians who did not had the technique or the tools to have certain knowledge. It has been proven that some tribes believed that God was a higher person from space as proven in the Sumerian clay tablets that are about 3,000 years old.

The infamous clay tablet with a detailed overview of our solar system tells us they have their knowledge from someone else or something else.

It is the contemporary computer software that makes us extremely skeptical about the existence of UFOs and aliens. We have gone through hundreds of UFO material and all had a natural explanation, were taken out of context or a hoax. This makes the existence of real UFO material extra hard to believe and especially for the public.

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