Puppies Play In Their First Snowstorm

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWhen the white stuff covers the land, everything is so quiet and looks so decent. It lets us observe as we live somewhere else, even if it is for a small period of time. This adorable video from Saint Francis, Minnesota, USA shows 6 weeks old Golden doodles Puppies Play in Their First Snowstorm. They are so excited about it and ended up running around and enjoying every minute of it. They would not understand what was happening.

Puppies are so gosh darn lovable, especially when they see something fun for the first time. When snow spells traffic and cold chores for humans, puppies are not bound by such responsibilities.

When puppies see snow, they are filled with wonder, and their wonder infects us humans with joy. Many people are taking their puppies out for their first encounter with snow, and their wagging tails are melting hearts.Not all puppies love the snow, but they still look extremely adorable in their warm knit winter gear.In case you are having a bad day. Puppies are so small that they have to bunny hop and flop through the snow, only to come up with flakes clinging to their belly fur and chins.

Some puppies are calm, and just enjoy being in an interesting new environment. Some puppies just cannot stop chasing after and chomping at all the fluffy white stuff while their humans run to keep up. One young golden doodle dog showed off the classic snow-appreciation strategy of sticking her nose right in a pile of snow, she did not want to come back inside. If this is your pups first winter, you may be feeling especially concerned about how to introduce your pup to the winter snow.

Those concerns are well-founded; without the right planning, snowy weather and cold can do more harm than good. As a pet parent, you should assess your dog’s size and breed before heading outdoors into the white and wonderful fluff for the first time.

For young puppies, head out when the weather is mild and avoid low-temperature extremes. Stay out only for short periods of time. Have a winter-hardy breed? Do not assume he or she can stay outdoors for hours. Ice storms, heavy snowfalls, rain, and blizzards are inherently dangerous for any puppy and should be avoided. That is needed to make your pups first snow a happy occasion is a little patience. May you enjoy all the snowy days and treats you desire this holiday season.