‘Big Bang Theory’ Sets Series Finale For May 16

Published March 12, 2019 932 Plays $0.77 earned

Rumble / Entertainment LifeIt all started in October of 2017, when Harvey Weinstein, Miramax Films co-founder, was accused of more than a dozen sexual abuse allegations by women, most of whom were prominent Hollywood figures. Despite saying that it all wasn’t true, the reports kept coming with as many as 80 women accusing Weinstein of harassment at the workplace, leading to his expulsion from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This event created the hashtag Me Too, in which women finally felt free and secure enough to tell their story.

Fast forward three months to the Golden Globes, and the widely applauded Time’s Up movement happened. It is basically a legal defense fund run by the National Women’s Law Center to to support lower-income women seeking justice for sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. The Golden Globes was just a public event that allowed Hollywood celebrities to speak up and raise the awareness for the movement. They decided to make the dress code all black and promote the event furthermore on social media.

The fund is open for everyone to donate, and celebrities weren’t exempt. In fact, here is a list of them and of their donations. So please make sure you tell us which ones made you love your favorite celebrities even more and which ones made you question your tastes for the Hollywood famous!

Not every series is suited for every mood, nor should it be. TV series serve to relax us a bit, help us wind down after a hard day at work. They are supposed to make us laugh and pay attention, but movies are also here to send a message. The art of cinematography is one of the best media to spread the awareness of certain topics just because it is so widely used by the Earth’s population. It is there to make us reevaluate our beliefs, make us question everything and help us build critical thinking.

There have been a lot of hits and misses with the nominations for the Academy Awards. There has been a lot of debate throughout the years about which series should and which shouldn’t enter the list. A lot of series classics we’ve grown to love throughout the years have not received even a nomination, let alone win the actual Oscar. Well if you ask us, this one might be in the top 5 for us.

We wouldn't like to spoil the video by talking about its content but that's why you can check it out and find out for yourself what the future holds for the TV series "The Big Bang Theory". Take a look and let us know what you think!