This Motocross Bikes Almost Had An Accident On The Tracks

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Rumble / Close CallsBraaaaaap! Braaaaaaap! “In order for some people to be happy, sometimes they have to take risks. It’s true these dangers put them at risk of being hurt.” This was a quote from Meg Cabot in 2002. We believe that this quote explains really well the motocross. Motocross is rivalry dirt bike racing which happens on either vast outside tracks, or indoor tracks amid cold atmosphere racing.

There are numerous barriers, for example bounces that can be up to 100 feet, to firmly pressed rollers, considered challenges that can be knee somewhere down inside and out.

There is a broad consent from nonmotocross racers that it can not be viewed as a sport since you are on a machine, and that it's anything but a physically requesting game since you are just contorting a bike. Be that as it may, if you have ever contended in a motocross race, you would realize this is the direct inverse.

Ongoing studies have demonstrated that motocross is the second most physically requesting game… on the planet, they are trailing soccer for the central spot. However, we think that this is a really exciting and thrilling sport that boost your energy. But, sometimes this sport can be a little bit of danger.

Check out this video and tell us what we really mean by dangerous. These two bikers almost crashed into each other while they were riding their bikes on the tracks. Well, it doesn't get any closer than this! Check out this absolutely incredible clip! WOW!

That was really tense, but luckily everything turned out okay. Nobody got hurt, the two motorbikes were fine, and they even got the audience excited. What do you think of motocross as a sport? Do you think it’s exciting or do you find it annoying?

Here is another video of how motocross can be exciting but yet dangerous. This motocross rider crashes through fence into the crowd and it looks a little bit scary.

During the Hawkstone International, one of the UK's biggest attended motocross events, rider Shaun Simpson crashes through a fence after a mid-air mistake. Watch carefully as he misses a spectator by mere inches! He also comes dangerously close to user 'MadMotocross105' who happened to be filming at the time. Incredible!

Would you attend one of these thrilling and exciting motocross races? Tell us your opinion about this sport down below in our comment section.


  • ronald1216, 32 weeks ago

    speed kills

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  • ronald1216, 32 weeks ago

    the guy with the camera needs to keep it on the scene not drop the stupid camera to the ground

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