Spectacular winter sunset filmed by high altitude drone at 2,000 feet

Published March 10, 2019 632 Views $0.70 earned

Rumble / Creative VisualsDrones are amazing machines that provide us with an opportunity to see the world around us in a different way. Equipped with high resolution cameras, they allow us to capture video and images from high above the earth. On a cold winter evening in Ontario Canada, the sun was setting in the west, over beautiful farm country that was blanketed with a fresh white snowfall. The colors were more impressive than usual and this drone operator decided to see what the sunset looked like from high in the air.

The drone was sent straight up, quickly reaching a height of 750m, or 2,250 feet. As it clears the trees, we can see a large dairy farm, quietly nestled among some corn and hay fields. The crops are long harvested and the fields are under almost two feet of snow.

The drone rotates to show the scenery scenery to the east and we can see an almost endless expanse of more farmland and some patches of forest. Rice Lake to the south is also visible and the far shore is more than 8km, or 5 miles away. The horizon is visible beyond, at approximately 10 miles away from the drone. The drone stops its rotation as it faces the sunset again and the colors quickly become more dramatic by the minute. The purple and red colors stretch like a huge ribbon, all the way from left to right.

The drone operator brought it down to a height of 200 feet and flew west to a point almost a mile away. He then flew it backwards and over the dairy farm, filming the farmland from just above. The video was sped up at this point to reduce the time needed to show the whole trip back to the starting point.

As the drone lowers back behind the trees, we are left with a final glimpse or the gorgeous setting sun.

With a little imagination, drones can put us closer to the action or they can give us a completely different perspective on things that we can only see from the ground.

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