Bus Driver In India Nearly Falls Asleep At The Wheel

Published March 6, 2019 9,739 Views $7.56 earned

Rumble / Horrible DriversSometimes we’re tired of "adulting". It is hard, it drains you of energy and it doesn’t seem like it has a purpose. The only thing you want to do is escape it all and run to the magic land called childhood where you could do whatever you wanted no matter the consequences. Instead, you are trapped in a 9 to 5 job, crunching away at numbers and waiting for the day to end so that you can go to bed, only to start anew the following morning. Unfortunately, magic and fairy tales don’t pay the bills, so we might have to stick a bit longer in the adult realm.

There are days when it feels like it would have been better if you just stayed in your bed. It feels as if the world has created some plot to make your life miserable that day. You can find yourself quoting Murphy’s law every few minutes and it’s starting to weigh down on you. Really, anything that could go wrong would go wrong.

Just ask this bus driver. There could have been many other days where his bus would have stopped working but it just had to be this one. It just had to be the day when the sky opened up and it started pouring buckets.

We live in a fast moving world. The faster you drink your coffee, the faster you’ll wake up. The faster you wake up, the more time in the day you’ll have. The faster you walk, the faster you’d reach a destination. The faster you do things, the more accomplished you’ll be. It’s all a daily competition you have with yourself and with the things that surround you and the promise of success is what gets you out of bed in the morning. But is everything supposed to be done in as little time as possible? Shouldn’t we stop at some point and just enjoy existence?

Here we have quite the peculiar case caught on camera by some passenger of a bus driver being so tired that he is a a second away at falling asleep. Now, we don't want to blame any one but taking into consideration the seriousness of his job and the life's he is putting at stake it is as he could have simply just taken the day for himself and rested instead of , well, this happening.

This video is a must watch because the way he snaps out of it an back into reality is pretty shocking. Take a look!