Little Girls Squabble Over Place To Cuddle With Daddy

Published March 4, 2019 17,876 Views $2.85 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsYou have to see this adorable video, in which these naughty but loving girls try to settle down and curl up on their father to take a nap. The little sisters take a few minutes to put together this jigsaw puzzle of love for their father. Overload of tenderness!

Family love is one of the most special and gratifying pleasures of life, who has children knows how the smallest of the house can react when they are jealous and will perfectly understand this video. Children are the deepest and most sincere love that can exist, it is inevitable that they do not melt our hearts with their innocence and unconditional love, that love that by parents' instinct we multiply to a million times more to return it every day, through every word, every gesture and care that we give them and so that they know that they are the most important thing in our lives.

We can see in the film that one of the girls already has her place in one of her father's arms, the ones that debate where to curl up are the little Brielle and Camila, both disagree about which place to take, without being too far away from his father. Camila chooses to jump on her father's chest and Brielle at the sight of that puts a pouting face wanting to cry. The little girl is very moved because she thinks that her sister Camila is taking away her place to sleep and her father's love, How dramatic! These girls don't seem to have seen their father in a long time, and if we're wrong maybe they just madly love their father and that's their way of showing it.

What reassures us all is that Brielle, after doing that shoulder movement like she doesn't care about anything followed by a tantrum, finds a solution to her discontent and runs to her father's other arm, which is available and no one else tries to occupy. In this way the three girls are happy because they have each found a place with their father, and thus rest and stop the fights. We don't know what would happen if they had another sister, Dad would have to become a real superhero to deal with them all and maybe get himself an extra arm.

They say that for girls the first love is their father, he becomes a superhero, a protector and guardian of their daughters, and it is well known that girls usually have that special bond with their parents, which is different from that of a mother, even though they love them both in the same way. Always for their parents they will be the most beautiful princesses, that's why when they are three girls they can fight for their father like in this adorable video. They all want to be Dad's favorite princess, each one looks for a place to be closer to her heart and feel that fatherly warmth they love so much. What tenderness!

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