Alaskan Malamute Gets Jealous Every Time People Hug

5 years ago

Alaska Dogs are the most famous dog breeds in the world. They have a large and powerful shape that makes the person facing the overwhelming, somewhat frightened. But if you look carefully, you will find Alaska is a very gentle, friendly and lovely dog. Today, in addition to being considered a tow dog, Alaska also becomes a popular pet in households.

At first glance, you will see Alaska is quite similar to wolves. The reason is that they are a branch of the Arctic snow wolf. Alaska also belongs to the top dogs with great appearance. They are divided into three categories: Alaska Standard (standard), AlaskaLarge Standard (large standard) and Alaska Giant (giant) by the American AKC dog association.

Alaska dogs are extremely healthy. Being a dog-drawn dog, their leg joints are extremely solid, convenient for moving in thick snow. The body of Alaska gives people the feeling of endurance and toughness, but not every dog.

Alaska's fur is quite diverse in colors such as: black and white, gray white, sepia, golden copper, ... or also some more rare colors such as white snow and pink rose. However, the muzzle and 4 legs of all Alaska dogs are white. This is also an important point for you to identify purebred Alaska dogs.

Alaska dogs have ancestors that are wild snow wolf and cunning. But over the years of being tamed and bred, Alaska today has lost its aggressive nature, instead being a gentle, friendly and obedient dog. Alaska dogs are extremely loyal. The wolf habit of the snow wolf ancestors has been ingrained in Alaska's blood until today. Alaska will treat its owner as a "leader" and follow all orders.

You should raise Alaska from your baby so they can get to know your family members. Because the nature of Alaska is extremely loyal to the person who raised them. Alaska is not aggressive, but if the owner is threatened, they are willing to rush and protect, including sacrificing themselves.

Alaska is a friendly, sociable dog. People rarely see Alaska aggression. On the contrary, they find themselves in harmony with other domestic animals. The special thing is that Alaska loves children very much. They are close friends of children in the family. Therefore, this breed is extremely suitable for families with small children.

Alaska is a smart dog so it can learn very quickly and listen to its owners. They can think and recognize dangerous things that happen around you. If your Alaska dog has signs such as pulling clothes, barking loudly, snarling, then you should watch carefully around what happens or not to prevent it.

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