Incredibly Strange-Looking Cloud Appears Over Toronto

Published March 1, 2019 57,574 Views

Rumble / Natural PhenomenaMost of the clouds in the sky are white with a little gray but sometimes there are enough clouds of color like black, pink, purple, yellow, red, ... Why is that? Clouds are blocks of condensate droplets or crystalline ice suspended in the atmosphere above the Earth (or on the surface of other planets), Condensed steam forms small droplets (usually 0, 01 mm) or ice crystals, along with billions of other small water droplets that humans can see.

The color of clouds is due to reflections from sunlight all the wavelengths of visible light, so they are white, but they can also be gray or black if they are too thick or too thick due to light. can pass. The thin thickness difference between clouds is very large, the thick cloud can reach 7-8 thousand meters, the thin cloud is only a few dozen meters.

When the clouds get thicker, the droplets can bond to create bigger droplets and after being big enough, they fall to the ground to form rain. During the accumulation process, the space between the droplets becomes larger, allowing the light to go deeper into the clouds.

If the clouds are large enough and the water droplets are far enough apart, very little light entering the clouds is likely to bounce back and forth before they are absorbed. This reflection / absorption process is what leads to a range of different types of clouds, from white to gray and black.

When the range of clouds is wide, sunlight is difficult to pass, so clouds are usually dark gray, while the weather is sunny or cloudy, the amount of clouds in the sky is very small, most of the All clouds are white.
In the summer, before showers, thunderstorms often appear, they are quite thick, so sunlight is almost impossible to pass through so the clouds are usually black.

When dawn or sunset comes, the color is usually red because the sunlight is tilted or skewed through a thick atmosphere, so the short wavelengths are dispersed mostly with only red and orange rays passing. These rays cause the sky to turn red and when projected onto the clouds, they will turn them into beautiful red or orange colors.

Sometimes the components that make up clouds can be water droplets or ice particles or a combination of the two. So when the light of the Sun and the moon shines on it can form beautiful halo or rainbow.