This Rescued Little Ducking Gets A Second Chance At Life

Published February 28, 2019 578 Plays $0.55 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsYou have to see this beautiful video that will melt your heart, it is a baby duck that has been rescued by noble people who are dedicated to rescue migratory birds in the state of New York, in order to preserve the species of migratory birds of the place, which are trapped in in the city and in places unsuitable for their healthy growth. This little duckling will be the most adorable thing your eyes will ever see. The images show an animal so helpless and innocent that it captivates us completely, you can see that this person takes good care of it and has even put it in water so that it does not feel so strange and can swim while it plays with the water of the improvised swimming pool that has been prepared for the adorable duckling. how beautiful!

Some animals at risk are fortunate enough to be rescued in time by people who do good deeds in order to protect the most helpless, those who have no home or environment of their own to grow up healthy. There are many foundations and organizations that help lost animals to have a better life, heal their wounds, feed them and give them the necessary care until the animal can defend itself and then return it to its natural habitat. Knowing that an animal has been rescued when it was believed lost, is something very encouraging and rewarding, makes us think that humanity is not entirely bad and there are people with big hearts, apart from being moved by other people, also feel the same feeling for animals, which end up being the most affected by deforestation and the growth of cities in the world.

We are very happy to see this duckling have a temporary home, until he is taken to a bird rehab center, where he will undoubtedly continue to be cared for as well as they do in this video, until he is an adult bird. This person has rescued several small ducklings this season. Some spent the night before moving to the appropriate rehabilitation center, as they need a special New York State license to rehabilitate migratory birds.

Another alarming problem in New York with respect to birds is that this is a city of skyscrapers and large buildings. This beautiful city is known for its imposing silhouette being an icon city in the United States. But not everyone appreciates these great skyscrapers of glass and steel. In fact, they are hundreds of birds incapable of seeing them, which causes them to collide with them and be their doom.

Thousands of birds of different species live in the city, especially in Central Park. While they are in that closed environment that imitates nature and makes them think they are at home, they have no problems, the problem is when they decide to leave there and meet that endless citadel. When these birds begin their migratory journeys, or simply spread their wings to urbanized areas, these birds are in serious trouble. Glass buildings can reflect nearby trees, and birds, they believe that are flying towards a branch, and then crash into buildings. The problem is so serious that it is impossible to ignore it, it is estimated that about 90,000 birds die for this reason each year in the vicinity of parks and ports in New York.