Fun-loving dog absolutely loves to attack shooting water

Published February 28, 2019 3,465 Views $1.64 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesLucy is a chihuahua mix who is all about fun. She's just shy of two years old and turns any object into her personal playmate. We rescued her from the shelter as a puppy and she’s been an absolute joy. We didn’t really know how big she was going to get but it appears she’s done growing. She’s around 20 pounds. Lucy loves chasing anything and everything. Her favorite toys are noisemakers. It’s funny that she’s never been in a pool but she does seem to like water – except when it’s time for a bath. She might like to have a younger doggy friend to play with but we’re training her on how to not be afraid of other dogs. She just barks when she sees them. To say she’s high energy is an understatement. Even walking her in the morning and playing with her during the day only tires her for a few hours. Shortly after that, she’s ready for round two followed by round three. She’s a protective little girl. Lucy has a bit of a snaggle-tooth which makes her even more adorable!

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