Squirrel and Little Buck Share Supper

Published February 27, 2019 33 Views

Rumble Sometimes nature gives us a very satisfying look at what actual goes on in the Northern Ontario backwoods. And every now and again we see something that seems quite unusual and unique. Up on this hardwood ridge situated near Diamond Lake, east of Sault Ste Marie, Ontario a trailcam was stealthily attached to a towering oak tree and a small amount of whole kernel corn was spread about on the ground in front of the camera. This set up is very effective in attracting all types of song birds, red and black squirrel, raccoon and whitetail deer. As these animals are all competing for the same food source, it is not uncommon to see a bit of aggressive competition amongst the various species. The 2 types of squirrels often chase one another off of the food, with the red squirrel, although much smaller than the black, usually dominating the rivalry. Blue jays, in turn will actively divebomb the squirrels, in their efforts to drive these hungry rodents off. Whitetail deer will get very aggressive with any raccoons that may invade their space and will try to land a sharp kick to any careless masked bandit. Whitetail deer will kick and chase one another as well. In this particular instance, there seems to be a calm familiarity between these 2 food rivals. The red squirrel confidently sits on the decreasing pile of corn, happily filling it's mouth to capacity until it has a full load to carry away and deposit in it's winter cache. The little whitetail buck stares at his small, unusual friend with simple curiosity. Is there some type of bond between these two or is this just a one-time circumstance. Perhaps there is a connection they have developed in response to the requirement to be ever diligent and cautious about predators that inhabit their same territory. Whatever the answer may be, they provide a small glimpse into the unusual interactions that we are privileged to witness every now and then in the wild out of doors.

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