NBA Rookie Luka Doncic Challenges Floyd Mayweather After Game

Published February 26, 2019 173 Views

Rumble / Sports NewsBoth phenoms in their own right, Floyd Mayweather met Luka Doncic, a 19-year-old NBA sensation on Monday.
Doncic is a star player for the Dallas Mavericks.
Business Insider explains, "(He) posted his fourth triple-double for the Mavs with a highlight-reel that included lazer-like passing, step-back three-pointers, and intuitive finishing at the rim.
Mayweather, a boxing legend, retired from the sport after outclassing UFC fighter Conor McGregor in 2017.
Mayweather, who recently met Luka Doncic at the Staples Center after a game, often shoots hoops himself.
After taking a photo backstage, he told the teenage player that he plays just like him.
Doncic challenged him by responding, "I want to see it live."