Multi-sensory Switch Activities for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Published February 23, 2019 409 Views

Its more fun to engage in hand activities when activating sensory rich electronic devices such as an aquarium lamp, massager, fan or music. I set up a table with a control panel that plugged into an electric outlet. The yellow push panel switch and the 2 electric cords (to lamp and massager) plugged into the control panel. The control panel has settings so that the device(s) can
1. go on or off when the yellow switch is pressed
2. the devices stay on as long as the switch is pressed or
3. a timer is set so that it stays on after pressed for a select amount of time as shown in the video.

The clients in the video are enjoying the “cause and effect” relationship of pressing the switch to activate devices. I think that they appreciate the control they have to make the lamp and massager go on whenever they want. The sensory and novelty aspects of this set-up certainly make ring stacks and insertion tasks more engaging. Notice the large rings on the table that can be placed over the lamp.

This activity can be adapted to encourage exercise by placing the materials (e.g. rings or bean bags) on the floor or across the room so that walking and moving up and down are required. The young lady sitting at the table loves the sensory devices (radio, lamp, fan and massager) so I hope that I can use them to motivate her to get out of her seat and move!

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