Puppy enjoys watching 'Einstein the Parrot' videos on Rumble

Published February 21, 2019 1,768 Views $0.08 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesRiver is a rescued puppy who has found her forever home in Millbrook, Ontario. One of her favorite things to do at bedtime is watch videos of Einstein the Talking Texas Parrot. Einstein is a brilliant bird with a flair for the theatrics and a voice that is almost perfectly human. He sings, talks, dances and even waves goodbye. But what catches River\s attention the most is when he whistles.

It was once thought that animals lacked the capability of seeing images on a television or computer screen, but many people have a pet who will watch, captivated while an animal is featured on the screen. The pets will often respond to movement, voices, even the music in the show. Some paw at the screen and others watch the sides of the TV when the subject moves out of view. When Einstein moves, River's eyes are locked onto him as if he is really in front of her and she seems to be paying attention to the speech. She especially perks up when he whistles. For River, whistles are a sign of fun things, such as playing, getting a treat, or fetching a toy. When Einstein whistles, River cocks her head comically and seems to be confused that a little bird has such human like abilities.

Einstein is one of the most famous parrots on the internet. Rumble and YouTube are full of videos of his antics. He struts around on screen saying ridiculous and comical things in a voice that is understandably similar to his his humans. What is most incredible about Einstein is the appropriateness of his comments in situations, making it very convincing that he understands his words, rather than just mimicking and repeating what he has been taught.

River is enjoying a new home after having a near brush with death two days before Christmas. She belonged to a loving couple and their children who treated her like a true family member, but she developed very complicated health problems that would make treatment difficult to manage and extremely costly. Too beautiful a soul to be euthanized, a last minute decision was made for the veterinary assistant and her mother, also a veterinarian, to take River and give her the care that she deserved. She has since been diagnosed with a very rare heart condition as well as having some other challenges. Her new family will nurse her along until she is able to undergo heart surgery to correct the most serious problem.

River has always been accustomed to sleeping on the bed so it is no wonder that this new bedtime ritual has become one of her favorite ways to wind down after a long day of being a playful puppy. River might just be one of Einstein’s biggest fans!