Noisy Bay

Published February 20, 2019 52 Views

Rumble Lake Superior Provincial Park is a spectacular piece of paradise situated between the communities of Sault Ste Marie and Wawa in North Eastern Ontario. There are no motorized vehicles allowed on inland areas of the park, so once you leave the Highway 17 corridor or one of the rare roads or parking lots in the area, you are one with nature. There are many, many hiking trails situated in the park and there is something for everyone. There are extremely challenging trails, highlighted by the coastal trail that stretches for many kilometres along the majestic Lake Superior shoreline, and there are trails that are visibly marked that, although short, are beautiful regardless. This particular trail is situated close to the northern most boundary of the park and is one of the lesser known routes. The trail is somewhat hidden at it's starting point at a lake situated within sight of the highway. As you walk down a well worn mossy pathway at his beginning you are unlikely to come upon any other people. After a short few minutes you will encounter an outflow that contains a logjam of driftwood that awaits a victim of a sprained ankle or worse. Many souls turn around at this point as this logjam must be crossed should you wish to continue. Once across, the trail continues it's descent towards the shoreline of Superior. Following this small creek you next encounter a beautiful little lake sheltered by the forest. This is Noisy Lake. As you begin to skirt the shoreline of this jewel you will begin to hear a rumbling noise and thereafter you will find where the Noisy Lake flows into the Noisy River. Now following the noisy Noisy River you continue your descent until you finally encounter a cobbly rock beach where the Noisy River then empties into a spectacular Noisy Bay. It's as Gordon Lightfoot would sing, the "big lake they call Gitchigumi". Lake Superior, a superior place to enjoy !