Golden Retriever Pushes Another Dog In Wheelchair

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIt seems that the dog is not only man's best friend but also the best friend of other dogs. This is shown in this funny video, where we see this beautiful Golde Retriever push his dog friend when he is supposedly "prostrate" in a wheelchair, the scenes are really funny and can get a few laughs out of you. Hilarious!

They say that some friendships only accompany you in your good moments and then when you have a bad streak they go away, but this shows the opposite, in the world of dogs, they are so supportive and kind that they are always willing to help anyone. Although many of us doubt the disability of the other dog, in the end the intention is what counts and the heroGolden Retriever does his best work pushing the wheelchair so that his friend can get around. We have seen dogs help their disabled owners, either in wheelchairs or because they are blind, they usually adapt to their owners and know if they suffer any condition that requires their canine help to perform activities, this is why many dogs are trained for these tasks and in addition to providing help to those who need it they offer their faithful friendship, there is no way to notice that they are doing a job for interest, they only do it for love and protective instinct, they are fantastic!

These intelligent pets know how to surprise us day by day, they just need to live a little with humans to observe how things work, they have a high capacity for analysis, they know how the wheels work, they know that when pushing, something must happen. Their cunning leaves us with our mouths open. While the passenger enjoys his funny trip without even worrying when the owner of the wheelchair comes back and finds it full of hair, but that matters?, they just have fun and want to share a while imitating humans. When the time comes to vacate the wheelchair this brown dog will be a miracle of life when he starts running away from his mischief, that's when the Golden Retriever will notice that he has been deceived and that was not a helpless disabled dog, do not worry friend we value your effort! You are neither the first nor the last to have been ripped off in situations like this.

How not to love these adorable pets? They show us that their creativity and understanding has no limits, we are so proud of them and we love them so madly that we spend a percentage of our income on their rewards and on things as crazy as dog nail polish, we are so vulnerable to their charms, aren't we?

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  • PubgMasterGame, 47 weeks ago

    nice talented dog it must took some time to master this view and how to use the chair

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