Ice Skating Dog Skates With Hockey Stick In Mouth

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesMarvel at the skating ability of Benny's dog. Benny, a 5-year-old dog, has been skating for a year now by his former coach, Cheryl Del Sangro (56). In the winter of last year, during a visit to Cheryl to the ice rink, Benny was extremely happy when the owner lifted up and slipped around the ice. Before the dog's reaction, Cheryl decided to teach Benny to skate. Benny is a dog that Cheryl has saved since he was only a few months old, and since then Benny has always followed Cheryl everywhere.

Cheryl spends 1 week every week to teach Benny to skate with all the skills of surfing, turning, cross-legging and jumping rabbit. She even made Benny a special pair of rock shoes by attaching blades to the base, used for two front legs to slide and two hind legs used to push and cling to the ice.

Cheryl, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, said: "From the first day I saw Benny I loved it so much. Benny was extremely excited and happy when I taught new techniques. Now it can balance very well and other skills are getting better. You cannot help smiling when you see it. ”
She added: "I've never seen any dog ​​before that."

Cheryl has been skating since she was 4 years old and is a professional seller in her 20's, after which she chooses to follow a coaching career and she has devoted this work for 20 years. However, after that, she gave up her career to run a restaurant with her husband Flory (68) and daughter Brittany (35).

Last year, when her husband, Flory, started taking part in post-hip exercises at a clinic near the Las Vegas Tape Center. By the way, Cheryl came back to visit the ice rink and then fell in love with this subject. Shortly thereafter, she decided to take Benny to the same platform as the offer of a close friend - and quickly realized it was an extremely good offer.

Then Cheryl's friend took a picture, filmed videos of Benny on the ice and posted it on the social network and it was surprisingly interesting.“Benny can now surf, turn, cross his legs and even jump rabbits. Benny is getting more and more skillful, so soon we will have to buy professional skates for him to lose, ”Cheryl joked.

Benny's presence on the ice now no longer surprised many of the members here, every time they saw the skating dog they were smiling and happy to welcome. As for the next plan, Cheryl said she will continue to let Benny get used to the music on the ice floor, she wants to see Benny can turn to the beat of the music.