Friendly Pig Plays With Group Of Dogs

5 years ago

The following video is about a little black pig that somehow managed to blend in a crowd of playful dog. The footage was captured outside during a sunny day, the pig and the different dogs present are under a market tent which provides them with shadow on this hot day. There’s a couple dogs in total, some are big and some are smaller, it is hard to keep track on how many because they are running around, jumping in and out of frame.

There is also people present even if their faces are not shown to us during the clip. The focus of the video is more about the awesomeness of this black little pig and his dog friends. The day when the video was recorded must have been really hot because at one point one of the person present there decided to empty a bucket of water on the pig. Maybe it was to clean him, but the chances are low, pigs are always dirty from rolling around in dirt.

The dogs enjoyed getting splashed from the water as well, because just like the pig they feel the heat and they need to stay hydrated. The pig seems to be intrigued by the box that has green leaves, they are on the right of the footage but we are not able to see them clearly, all we know is that the pig was interested in knowing what it was, maybe as much as we are. The dogs are too busy greeting each others, playing and running to inspecting the difference smells and things on the floor. Some of them might even be puppies which would make them more agitated. The biggest dogs that are present at this event seemed to be the most popular ones as all the others dogs gathered around to try to climb on them.

It just a good moment for our four legged best friends. The fact that the dogs don't treat the pig any different is really nice too. They don’t all circle around him to inspect what he could be, but at the same time some of the dogs are kind enough to play with that black pig, which is very cute.

The choice of the music for this clip is also a good choice. The music carries a happy mood and gives a good rhythm to the video. The only thing we could have asked for would be a longer video! Too adorable!

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