Two Newfoundlands engage in precious tug-of-war

Published February 19, 2019 180 Plays $11.43 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSamson and Ollie engage in the cutest tug of war ever over an emoji pillow. These two powerful dogs could potentially do a lot of damage to that pillow very quickly, but this appears to be a gentle match between the two. Samson seemed to give up but when Ollie claimed his win by giving himself permission to jump on the sofa, Samson seemed to have a change of heart! Samson shakes his head “no” as if he’s trying to tell Ollie he didn’t play fair. Poor Samson, but it’s certain he will get his chance for victory again.


  • DavidMcNab, 33 weeks ago

    I love these dogs!

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  • Diamondlaker, 33 weeks ago

    Vicious battle

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  • carolochs, 9 weeks ago

    Adorable! I live how Samson shakes his head--too cute! He's such a Grizzly bear! Seeing this video, Gryffin/Ollie "in-action" and what seems a very sweet disposition is largely what convinced us to come meet him and you all...we just knew it would be a great situation! ❤

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    • brenmichelle, 9 weeks ago

      I’m so very happy for Gryff/Ollie!💖💖💖

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