Great Dane Puppy Furious To Wake Up At 3:30 AM

Published February 19, 2019 64,361 Views $21.43 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThe footage is owned by the people that own The Bagel Factory Cafe in Birmingham, Michigan, and when one has to get up to go to work, even this tired puppy knows that 3:30 am is too early to wake up!
The footage starts with the puppy being half awake in the bed. The owner of the bed is telling the dog to get up and that he doesn’t wants to hear the “complains” of the dog. The dog takes his time to get up, sits for a bit on the bed and goes back to laying down to sleep. He was also whining the whole time while getting up to seat back down.

By the half of the video the owner must have told the dog to get up around 50 times. He does not seem to get tired of it because he finds the situation amusing. He also tried to grab the paw of the dog or taped his belly go get him to move. The dog doesn't even want to play at this moment, he is just whining and barking at his owner to make him understand that he really does not want to get up.

The dog also stayed on his back for a while, stretching himself out, and after doing so he started getting up a second time. His owner jumped on the occasion to tell the dog that he was a good boy but as soon as he said those words the dog sat right back down. He wasn’t planning to get up, it was more to look for a better position to fall back asleep. Anyone could have thought that he was actually getting up that time. The owner was the first one to get tricked and even started laughing about it. He did not give up on his quest to wake up his four legged best friend.

Also, the clip cuts before we get to see if the dog gets up or not. The video is about 2 minutes and a half but this situation of an early morning argument between this dog and his owner could be longer than that. Who knows how it ended but it always gives out joy when videos like this are published. The effort to record the moment to be able to watch it again and show it to loved ones is worth it. After all, dogs are our most loyal partners aren’t they?